Conventional Tubular Running Equipment

  • Single Joint Compensators
  • Torque Monitoring & Control Systems
  • Casing Tongs & Tubing Tongs
  • Dual Elevators & Slips
  • Flush Mounted Spiders
  • Pneumatic Elevators
  • Clamp Masters
  • Chrome Handling Equipment

Tubular Running Service (TRS)


* 6-5/8” OD to 42” OD
* Premium and API Connections
* CRA & Carbon Grade Casings
* Threaded, Coupled, Flush & Semi-flush Tubular

Tong Test Bay – MESL Facility, Port Harcourt

What We Stand For


Vision Statement

“To be the best indigenous provider of value adding and new technology services to the oil & gas industry.”

Mission Statement

“We will strive to serve our clients with humility and go beyond to provide breakthrough industry technology in a safest and secure manner.”