Mafuta Energy now represents Volant in Nigeria. Volant is a Canadian company that designs and manufactures the most widely used CRTi® & CRTe® casing running tools in the industry. read more ...

An IOC was looking for the best friction reducing centralizer in the market and Mafuta Energy had just the right product - the Bladerunner. read more ...
Mafuta Energy Services Limited is now the Nigeria Distributor for Downhole Products PLC - www.downhole.org. This Agreement was officially signed on the 7th of April, 2016. read more ...

What We Stand For


Vision Statement

“To be the best indigenous provider of value adding and new technology services to the oil & gas industry.”

Mission Statement

“We will strive to serve our clients with humility and go beyond to provide breakthrough industry technology in a safest and secure manner.”